Sunday, 24 June 2018

Video Baby Monitor with Camera and Infrared Night Vision

MONITOR YOUR BABY REMOTELY: Monitor your baby all round the clock with our quality video baby monitor. It has a 2.4” color LCD display and uses 2.4GHz FHSS digital signal to provide excellent connection up to 900 feet away (open space). It even has an out-or-range warning to notify you when you are too far away.

DELIVERS CRYSTAL CLEAR SOUND AND VIDEO: Enjoy stunningly clear audio and video from our two-way talk back baby monitor. It has an infrared night vision mode that ensures you still have eyes on your baby even in complete darkness. It can even pan and tilt, to give you a wider area of view.

LETS YOU TALK TO YOUR BABY: A two-way talk back feature lets you talk to your baby and soothe them even when you are not close. This helps keep your baby calm and relaxed and gives you enough time to move to your baby’s room.
BUCKET LOAD OF CONVENIENT FUNCTIONS: Our baby monitor has multiple functions that make it the best in the market. These include a temperature monitor, 2X digital zoom, a sound activated indicator, audio only mode, 4 alarm levels, and 4 lullabies. It however remains very easy to use.

HIGHLY BATTERY EFFICIENT: A smart ECO mode gives you up to 12 hours operating time from the 950mAh battery. It does this by switching the baby monitor to standby when everything is quiet, and only turns on the screen and camera on when your baby makes a sound. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now!

Unzip Your Pants

Unzip Your Pants: How to Be Vulnerable In a F*cked Up World Kindle Edition

Author: Matt Morris

Did you know that emotional vulnerability could be good for you? This book tells you exactly how opening yourself up to the unknown can improve your mental and physical health, and lead you to a happier and more fulfilling life.

Vulnerability isn’t weakness. It takes incredible strength — and it’s worth the effort.

You’ll learn about the history of vulnerability, and delve into the world of cultural studies which show how emotions are interpreted differently depending on the society you grow up in — and the language you speak. You’ll gain insight into why vulnerability is good for you, and how it can help you feel better every day.

And then you’ll discover how to begin your own journey towards vulnerability. Practical techniques, combing the ancient wisdom of Eastern traditions with a modern approach, are laid out step by step. You can learn how to practice mindfulness meditation; how to use affirmations; how to let go of your addictions and habits using addiction journaling; how to harness the power of your breath; and lots more.

Move into your vulnerability with confidence.


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Saturday, 23 June 2018

Military Tactical Backpack

Military Tactical Backpack Large Assault Pack 3 Day Army Rucksacks Outdoor Hunting Backpacks 42L

Military Tactical backpack size approx.:13"*20"*11" / 33*50.5*28CM (W*H*D),Capacity: 42L; Military backpack is made of high density fabric--durable and water-resistant.

The molle tactical backpack has molle system, Molle webbing throughout for attaching additional tactical pouches or gear as 3 day assault pack bug out bag backpack combat molle backpack.

Assault pack backpack with double-stitched, Heavy duty zippers and utility-style cord pulls, Side and front load compression system, Ventilated mesh padded back area & shoulder strap,breathable and comfortable.

Military backpack has hydration compatible that works great for a hydration bladder (backpack didn't include hydration bladder) as hydration backpack or outdoor camping hiking backpack.

This tactical assault pack backpack can be used as 3 day assault pack, bug out bag backpack, range bag, hunting backpack, survival backpack, army backpack, trekking backpack or day pack for daily use.


Jill Mattson

The Music of The Crystal Realms CD, swept the top honors in the International New Age Trade Show Association's COVR awards last weekend.Crystal Realms CD won the top 2 Music Awards
and three Gold Awards total! 
The Music won Gold Awards in: 
Frequency & Transformational Music
2018 People’s Choice Award of Music
2018 Industry Choice Award for Music

LISTEN HERE: Enter Crystal Realms 

Long Lost Egyptian Secrets & Magic Revealed

Long Lost Egyptian Secrets & Magic Revealed! Interview only June 23 & 24

Click Below to listen to this Powerful Interview:

Experience the Magic of Ancient Egypt...during Jill Mattson & Darius' Interview:
Learn why we are instinctively drawn to Ancient Egypt. Why has Ancient Egypt endured as the most powerful historical and spiritual mystery of all times?

What were the Egyptian Resurrection Frequencies and Tree-of-Life Transformations? Experience ancient "Sound Codes", just like those used in Egyptian Temples to open Powerful Energy Streams!

"These sounds seem to turn on my grids and tune me up to another space or time portal to my past time in Egypt. Wow!" - Gary in Mohnto

Understand why the number "432" and the same frequency, have special powers and how the Egyptians employed them. Experience the higher dimensional harmonics of crystals. See a specially developed tool to call this frequency whenever you want – exclusive only to You Wealth Revolution. Click here to listen to the interview!

It's palpable...and amazing!! ...your music goes to the deepest parts of me and make them come back into the sunshine for love and healing." * - Darius M. Barazandeh, Host and Founder, You Wealth Revolution

Each Temple taught special techniques employing Higher Dimensional Energies for selfless acts of White Magic: for Healing, Restoration, Fast Spiritual Evolution, Manifesting and altering your life in incredibly surprising ways!

"I could listen to Jill all day long. How wonderfully interesting!! Thank you for all the information and processes you bring to us each day! No one else does this like you. We are blessed to receive your gifts. I am so grateful for you and your team. Sending you lots of love!"- Diane in San Antonio

Reveal past life memories from the priest and priestess-hood of Ancient Egypt. Find how that information will help you in this life. Click below & experience this Interview with Darius. Past life regressions on the show!



BlocSide Sports, Spot The Ball: World Cup Edition

BlocSide has taken the classic, Spot The Ball game, from a newspaper pastime and added a modern twist bringing it back into the ’spot’-light.

BlocSide is offering the biggest football (soccer) fans the chance to play and see how they rank up on the global leaderboard, instant feedback on guesses, heat map of other players choices, and above all, allows players to win MVP Tokens for every guess!