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Coinman: An Untold Conspiracy

Coinman is one of life's victims, the receiver of subtle bullying in an office environment and thinly disguised control in his own home, but remains true to his desire to be polite and accepting of how he is treated by everyone. Then an incident at work changes all that.

Huffington Post: One of the best literary fiction books of 2016 (Independently Published).

Direct Home

Now anyone worldwide can get Cash Back for Buying Singapore New Launch Properties Only Through

World’s First Decentralised Real Estate Platform Offers Cash Back and Token Rewards

Leading online property platform, Direct Home, announces the launch of ICO of its token, integrating the blockchain technology into real estate.

Leading online property platform, DirectHome (PATENT PENDING: 10201803142V), announces the launch of an ICO of its token, DIREC which integrates blockchain technology with real estate transactions.

Accordingly, unlike most ICOs which are only based on selling untested Ideas and beautiful roadmaps, DirectHome already has its own proven platform that has transacted more than $350 million in property value. That means, when the current DirectHome website is being converted to blockchain, users will be adopting the tokens developed by DirectHome.

Some of DirectHome Investors and Advisors Includes:
Daniel Teo
Chairman and MD of Hong How Group and Director of Tong Eng Group
Also served as independent directors of Courts (Singapore) and Popular Holdings
Former President of REDAS and World President Of the International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI)

Michael Chan
Former MD of Bank of New York Mellon

Wang Shuang
CEO of HNA Group International
As of July 2017, HNA Group ranked No.170 in 2017 Fortune Global 500 list with a revenue of $53.335 billion

Hsien Loong Wong
Hsien Loong Wong has 20 years of experience running public companies. He started his career in investor relations in technology, biotechnology, mining (rare earths, copper, etc.) and oil and gas. He is currently a director and CEO in publicly traded FingerMotion Inc, a mobile game publisher on the IOS and Andriod platform. He was previously CEO of Nexgen Petroleum Corp, an oil and gas drilling company in Tennessee USA. He is currently a director of an investment company holding commercial property valued at $600 million.Hsien Loong is also serving as a Director to Food Bank Singapore, a registered charity.

Chat with the team:
Token sale:

Jill Mattson

Experience the Magic of Ancient Egypt...during Jill & Darius' Interview:
This weekend only! April 21,22

Learn why we are instinctively drawn to Ancient Egypt. Why has Ancient Egypt endured as the most powerful historical and spiritual mystery of all times?

What were the Egyptian Resurrection Frequencies and Tree-of-Life Transformations? Experience ancient "Sound Codes", just like those used in Egyptian Temples to open Powerful Energy Streams!
Understand why the number "432" and the same frequency, have special powers and how the
Egyptians employed them. Experience the higher dimensional harmonics of crystals. See a specially developed tool to call this frequency whenever you want – exclusive only to You Wealth Revolution. Click here to listen to the interview!

Each Temple taught special techniques employing Higher Dimensional Energies for selfless acts of White Magic: for Healing, Restoration, Fast Spiritual Evolution, Manifesting and altering your life in incredibly surprising ways!

Reveal past life memories from the priest and priestess-hood of Ancient Egypt. Find how that information will help you in this life. Click below & experience this Interview with Darius,

You Wealth Revolution

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Jills interview Replay: Only April 5 to Monday April 9


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Jill Mattson

Are you Interested in a Dimensional Shifting Power? 
Listen to the complementary Broadcast!

Reinvent your Life:
With Jill Mattson’s revolutionary CHAKRA ATTUNEMENTS PROGAM!

•Explode your consciousness forever
•Attain Ultimate Health Energies & Wellness
•Master Life Changing Abundance
•Finally achieve True Psychic Skills
•Be a Great Healer of Others
•Become vastly more Powerful
•Enjoy Endless Energy
•Gain Freedom over Obstacles & Blocks
•Achieve Ethereal Connections with High Energy Streams
•Unite your physical body with your Light Body
•Empower your World Service

It is widely accepted that Attunements were an important part of the original forces that allowed spiritual Beings to incarnate as physical entities and then later to exit the physical dimensions, returning to the purely nonmaterial realms.

Jill Mattson will show you how powerful these Attunements are!
Come experience them!

On April 20 at 11:00 am Est
Cari Murphy from Straight Talk for the Soul

Replay available here

Friday, 20 April 2018

Weight Loss

Weight Loss: The Healthy Weight Loss Booster - Your Weight Loss Guide To Boost Your Weight Loss Journey Build Up On A Plant Based Diet (Powerfoods,Nutrition,Diabetes,Gentle ... Detox Diet,Muscle Mass,Protein,Fitness)

This book has actionable information on simple steps that you can follow to boost your weight loss journey, strategies, proven steps, and so called “secrets” on how to lose weight and burn fat

Obesity and being overweight is a pandemic affecting a huge majority of people all around the globe. For instance, according to CDC, an estimated 36.5% of US adults have obesity. 36.5% of the US population is over 118 million people. That puts over 118 million people on the risk of suffering from some types of cancer, type 2 diabetes, stroke, heart disease and much more, which are all leading causes of preventable death.
This depressing statistic should be enough to put your motivation to lose weight and keep it off on high gear. In simpler terms, if you are obese or overweight, you cannot afford to just sit back and wait for the possibility of suffering from these health complications. That’s why many of us who are obese or overweight are willing to do anything in their power to lose weight and keep it off in a bid to keep off the different health complications.
What happens if losing weight becomes a huge challenge? What do you do when you cannot lose weight as fast as you would love to? What are your options? Well, this book will explain all that and much more. In this book, you will learn exactly what to do to effectively fast track weight loss with diet and exercise.

Learn More About

The Concept of Weight Loss
The Importance of Fruits and Vegetables
The Importance of Exercise
Dealing with Demands
How to Leverage your Habits to Boost your Weight Loss
Different Properties in Fruits and Veggies that make Weight Loss Possible
And Much, Much, More!

If you need more information you'll find it in the discription on my Amazonpage.
Please make sure to do a quality job and I will make sure to leave a positive review and
will have many more orders coming, thanks. :-)

Goal Toughness

Goal Toughness: Purpose of Heaven upon Earth Turning ordinary into extraordinary Better Lifestyle

Dear reader, your life is not the result of a random chance but is according to a Divine plan and purpose (Acts 9:15). 

•If so, how are you to know your purpose? 
•What should be involved in discovering that purpose?
•How are you to create goals that are aligned to that purpose?
This book is a product of my own testimony of the Heavenly Father’s deliverance and ultimate blessing in turning a dismal situation around into something of great value. 
The book will guide you in 
•Setting tough goals
•In identifying your purpose 
•In aligning your personal purpose with the Divine purpose
•In turning any ordinary situation or circumstance into an extraordinary one
•In bringing focus into your life
•In executing your faith so that you can experience an exceptionally beautiful transformed life
•In supporting and nudging you to take action so that you can reap a bountiful harvest
•In measuring the outcome of your activities so that you can identify what to do more and what to abandon