Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Exterminator & Pest Control in Seattle

Dr. Terry Whitworth began his career in pest control back in 1975, working for a local pest control company as its manager and staff entomologist. After five years there, he wanted to start his own company.  He wanted to cater to the client more by providing the best customer service in Tacoma.

Terry started his own company in Tacoma in 1981. At the time, he realized that if he provided honest, ethical pest control for his clients, then growth and profits would eventually come. Profits did come, and slowly the company grew, mostly by word of mouth, and he began adding employees.  Every month, company-wide meetings were held and the financials were discussed in detail. Gross revenue, gross profit, net income, etc. were all shared with employees. In addition Terry offered his employees some of the best benefits in the pest control industry. These benefits, along with openness and trust in our employees, continue to this day.

In the late 1990s, Terry planned a building that specifically catered to the needs of a pest control company. He consulted with and followed every recommendation by the Washington State Department of Agriculture and Department of Labor and Industries to make sure the building set the highest standard in pesticide and worker safety. A new building was a huge expense, but he wanted to set the company apart by specifically designing a building for pest control.


Monday, 21 May 2018

Who Are You?: First Day Of School

Dr. Qooz’ (pronounced as the plural of “Q”) story, Who Are You, is a children’s book for young children ages 2-6. This kid’s book is an introductory story of Gerri, from Fargone. Gerri’s first day of school, alone, portrays a child that is unsure and awkwardly thrust into a crowd that he doesn’t know and how Gerri navigates through this environment of teasing, bullying and finally acceptance. This children’s picture book features vibrant colorful jungle animals that jump right off the page with dialog for a growing child.

Who Are You is a joyful Children’s Animal Book, featuring an entertaining distant mystical land of Fargone. This jungle setting class is a whimsical introduction to imagination.

Dr. Qooz introduces a night before preparatory story that is a preview and one way the parent can prepare the child by embracing comforting that will survive the morrow.

When a child or person is thrust into a new group of people, we immediately have doubts, mistrust and suspicion. Gerri survives this gauntlet alone because his parents have pointed out that everyone is different but special in their own way. Gerri is reassured that the trip to the sitter, new class, preschool or 1st grade is temporary and that his parents will be there to pick him up right after work.

Eventually Gerri finds that friendship is born from getting to know his classmates.


Saturday, 19 May 2018

The Revelations of the End of Times

The Revelations of the End of Times: Prophecies and Messages from Heaven (End Times)

The End of Times does not mean the end of the world (the world will not end). The End of Times is what is known in the Bible as "The Book of Revelations" or "Apocalypse of Saint John."

According to the author, the End of the Times officially began on December 1, 2017. We are right at the beginning when the prophesized and unusual increase in catastrophic events of nature occurs. Highlighting earthquakes and volcanic eruptions

But apart from the disasters of nature that from 2018 will increase, we will witness three very significant spiritual events that we will experience in this order: a Warning, a Miracle and a Punishment.

The Warning will be 3 days of total darkness in which each person will see their own sins (a mini final judgment). From there on we can ask for forgiveness and change our attitudes. According to the predictions, this Warning has been postponed thanks to the intercession of the Virgin Mary, but it will happen.

Then there will come a Miracle that will leave "something" permanent that will be able to be seen by everyone, either physically because they visit the place where it is produced or by the photographs and filming of the media.

Then a punishment will come in the form of a kind of cataclysm (a natural phenomenon that appears in the dictionary and begins with the letter "a") that will cause many people to perish.

The book collects in chronological order the information that many people throughout history have written about the end of time, in addition to the prophets scattered across the five continents that currently receive messages from heaven.



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Seams Of Gold

Seams Of Gold: Discovering Beauty In Brokenness

Seams of Gold is an inspirational memoir of how brokenness has shaped one woman’s life and how it can transform yours too. After experiencing some devastating and challenging circumstances that changed her from the inside out, Shyrell Hobson manages to not only put the pieces of her life back together beautifully, she also outlines practical ways for others to do the same. Her strong faith, supportive loved ones, and sheer determination has given Shyrell the strength to transcend some of the most painful and toxic situations in order to walk in her divine calling —renewed, whole, and God’s beautiful work of art.


Jill Mattson

Live class or connect on-line with Jill Mattson

Sun. June 17 Lily Dale, NY

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There’s no end to karma & old wounds that shape our perceptions. We repeat compulsive behaviors without a clue how it started…when it may be ancestral obstacles, past lives, karma and miasmas. Even our body cells & DNA reflect ancestral expectations, dreams, failures and successes. Genes and ancient habits (that we are not conscious of) are stronger than will-power and affirmations, sabotaging our goals & things we want.
Experience Clearing, getting rid of pain, & Harmonizing personal, family karma (for your children too)… allow for joy and success.
Ancestral healing is an intense, deep multidimensional forgiveness that alters an unconscious realm beyond time, space, dimensions and frequencies. Release the old paradigm, heal ancient wounds, negative and addictive family problems, clear phantom pains (guilt, hatred, rejection, anger, resentment & denial). Heal permanently.
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Three powerful angels join to assist releasing negative ancestral and karmic energies. Experience/take home their Sound Attunements to open Portals to these Arch Angels’ Clearing and Energies. Receive magnificent clearing and healing energies.
Experience 10 powerful attunements of the sephirot, symbols of the ancient Egyptian/Kabballah Tree of Life, which are Gateways to Higher Energies... hidden sound codes! Experience the sephirot Gateways & Energies. Fill the void created by karmic release. (Take home mp3-Attunements!)
Sun. Jun 17 @ 9:30 am - 5:00 pm
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Jill Mattson

Long Lost Egyptian Secrets & Magic Revealed!

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