Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Homeschooling the Sick Child

Homeschooling the Sick Child

Homeschooling your child gives you the flexibility to adjust schedules, especially if you are on the go. You don’t need to worry that your child will miss any school days. If they are sick, you can allow them to recuperate generously with time, and this is crucial to your children’s comfort and level of learning.

Depending on the severity of your child’s illness, you can gauge if they are still able to study while they are sick. If in case they really need to be sleeping the illness off, then you should allow them to.
Homeschooling brings you closer to your child and their needs. It allows you to take care of their overall health and focus on keeping them at the optimal learning state.

Exposing your child to viruses in regular schools doesn’t really help anyone in any way. There will be times when illnesses go unnoticed. In homeschooling, they don’t need to catch up on lessons missed since if they’re sick and they can’t study, and then there will be no lessons for that day. This saves you and your child the effort of repeating the lessons.

Things you might want to consider when you are homeschooling a sick child based on how severe the child’s illness is you need to gauge what pace, duration, and lessons they can possibly study during the illness. If your child is suffering from severe colds or gastroenteritis then it would be best to have them rest. If your child has the common cold or cough you might be able to teach them math or subjects they don’t need to do much oral recitations. You’re the teacher and parent, regardless of the severity you have the option to just let them rest for faster recovery. If you already know that they need to go potty several times in an hour, or they are coughing and sneezing ten times per minute don’t increase their suffering and this isn’t necessary.

Don’t pressure yourself and your child to push through study time when they are sick. It’s very important to be considerate towards their health. Don’t miss out on the advantages of having flexible study times and days. There will be times when your child gets sick and you should be really focusing on their health rather than their education at this time.

A child might associate study time with sick days and this might drive them to the point of resentment. Having someone continuously shoving work in your face when you are sick is really an awful feeling.

Have you ever had a boss at work that makes you come to work even if you are supposed to be at home resting as per your doctor’s advice? Is this really the message you want to convey to your student. Yes, there will be times when they need to be tough through illnesses and it’s up to you as the teacher to help them pick which those ones are without causing greater damage to their future health.
Mimi Rothschild is a veteran homeschooling mother of 8, writer of a series of books called Cyberspace for Kids, and passionate advocate for children and education that is truly worthy of them. In 2001, Mimi and her late husband founded Learning By Grace , a leading provider of online Christian homeschooling Academies.